I cooked dinner again (3rd night in a row from scratch, go me) and they were the best black bean burgers of my life. Complete with pub burger sauce, pickled onions and jalapenos, lettuce, and tomatoes. And yes I also made the sauce and pickles.


Two days in a row I managed to get off my butt and cook dinner from scratch. No pictures were taken as I was way too hungry. And I planned out the rest of the week so I should be cooking 2 more days and then relying on leftovers for the busier days.

Seriously, I suck at this and shouldn’t ever be left alone / to my own devices. Watch the video for why. Don’t forget to share with a friend (or non-friend, sharing is caring) and subscribe while you are there. #withcaptions as always.


I had a busy day but it was good. I taught class, weeded and watered the gardens, mowed the yard, filmed a video (I filmed Friday but this one needed something that hadn’t arrived at that time), and edited and thumbnailed next week’s video. I know it is a full day but it is all things I enjoy, except mowing the lawn. Why is it such a sweaty task?


I finally got to the grocery store and I tried my hand at making vegan cheddar cheese. I’m not going vegan but I am trying to remove estrogen from my diet as much as I can. So it isn’t quite cheddar and I wouldn’t eat it alone but not bad for a first attempt. Plus I got to use my companion cube mold.