I was able to stay up late to get things done since I took Friday off of my desk job. Is it odd to take a vacation day just to get things done for your other jobs? That is my life…

I hope you all like seeing me tortured. This freaky Friday video is filled with anxiety. AHHHHH so scared! #withcaptions as always. Share my fear with your friends for your enjoyment. Schadenfreude, right??



I thought I was going to get on top of things and be able to work on my costume and things around the house but then a few more orders came in. It is a good thing but wow I need 12 more hands. I thankfully have some vacation time left from my day job so I am taking a long weekend. So needed to get all this done.


I got most of my open orders done. I now just have half of one sock and some stitching to do and then packing and mailing. Thankfully I will have some time to work on my Halloween costume, or at least I hope so. I am becoming one with my sewing machine.

Check out today’s video of my Halloween / fall haul. Who doesn’t love drinking skull blood? I love this season so much! Best time of the year. #withcaptions as always. Don’t forget to subscribe and like and share the video ❤