thru 12/3/17

OMG I suck. I seriously forgot to post. This weekend got away from me. I have so much to do. But I did get all of the gifts for my secret santa made so at least that is a step.



(11/29 is not a day, it doesn’t exist)

I had a great class. I was feeling awful and sick and then when I started, it all just melted away and ended up clearing most of the illness for the rest of the night! Sweet.

Friday videos are going festive for the month of December! YAY! We’re starting out with black Friday shopping. Watch it unfold here. Don’t forget to like and subscribe while you are there and share the video. Tis the season to give, right? #withcaptions as always.


I think I finally got myself organized and I advertised for the cookies I will be selling this year. Such a busy season…

Click for today’s video – words that will get you demonetized on YouTube. Also I know nothing so grain of salt. #withcaptions as always. And share the video while you are there 🙂

I’m back

Yep, I’m back. I originally took a few days for a vacation to see my family and I have been so busy that I just kept with the break through the weekend. I am back to posting now. And I got all my holiday shopping done except for cookies and secret santa since that person isn’t picked yet. But I did get the rob your neighbor gift and all wrapping supplies.