I was able to rally enough to go back to work and sub the class that I had committed to subbing. I also made these guys:


thru 2/12/18

So I have been sick…really sick. That is why I haven’t been posting. But I’m alive, still kicking, gonna get through it, and starting to get better.

There is an actual challenge going around – one that requires some sort of skill and not stupidity (who would believe it?). It is the paper challenge. Watch me attempt it here. It is so hard. While you are there, why not share the video and subscribe to the channel? In less than a week, youtube will remove my partnership, which I am trying really hard to take in a positive light, but it would still be nice to be able to meet (or at least get closer to) their new thresholds before then 🙂

Oh and #withcaptions as always 🙂


It is almost the weekend and I feel like I have really earned it this week. I need a vacation so hopefully the one I put in for gets approved. I won’t even go anywhere and will probably fill the time with other work, but it would be nice.

These dummies are not durable and their heads keep popping off! This is such a hard game, you have no idea. It’s the Dummy Experiment and watch the play through here. Save yourself, don’t use WASD for this, just trust me, or watch and see why. #withcaptions as always. Don’t forget to like and subscribe while you are there and leave a comment letting me know what I should play next or any tips you have for the game.


I got to work early and decorated my coworker’s desk for her birthday. Thankfully I had help or there would have been no way to get it done before she got there. So many balloons. Also the balloon pump from the dollar store works great fyi.


It wasn’t the best experience in the gym but I did go and manage to run for an hour on the treadmill for the first time in a very long time. I have been focused on the elliptical due to my knees but they actually held up. They have been a constant struggle with a lot of set backs but this run felt good (I mean, exhausting as all get out and a struggle, but healthy).

Tide pods, summer plans, and neurology. Word vomit is back! Click to watch the video and don’t forget to subscribe while you are there. Sharing is caring. #withcaptions as always.