I got so much of my to do list done – picked up gifts for my grandmother for her birthday, went to the grocery store, wrapped and packaged up the gifts for my grandmother and my niece (yay for being born 2 days apart), got my oil change and tires rotated (with a bit of an ordeal), subtitled today’s video, and got organized for the rest of the week.

Drunk crafting returns (video here) and I’m really not quite sure what I made. Are they bowls made from thread and way too much glue or are they pasties? You tell me. Also save me from the glue. #withcaptions as always. And don’t forget to share the video while you are there, like, and subscribe, all that jazz. If you do, you get eternal sunshine as long as your mind is spotless.

(eternal sunshine not guaranteed)


I was able to push myself and stay for turbo kick after teaching PiYo. I made it without ever feeling like I was about to faint and I had no other low blood sugar signs. So I think these supplements are working. I am so sore…


I managed to find a pair of jeans that fit. It was crazy busy and there was the general issues but I found a pair. And I finished shopping for my youngest niece’s bday gifts. I can’t believe she is going to be 2.

Also I forgot to post yesterday…oops. So:


I was able to complete 2 workouts in a day again for the first time since I started having blood sugar issues. This is a good sign.