I managed to get way more done than I thought I could. I have some things coming up that are going to further limit my time so I wanted to focus with as few distractions as possible and get things done, and I was able to.



I was able to get most of one of the projects I am working on done. I have so much to do and got so far behind but that will be what this entire weekend is dedicated to.


Ticking off those check boxes on my massive to do list. Life gets a little nuts sometimes, but I’ll get it done.

Head on over to watch me attempt to play Ultimate Custom Night here. I’ve never played a FNAF game, so this is gonna go super, right? You know the drill, like, comment, subscribe, share, all that jazz. #withcaptions


I was able to get some videos scheduled out to make some of the workload for the rest of the week a bit easier to accomplish. And I spent the day in a good mood, despite what was going on around me. Is this how happy people feel all the time? It’s nice.

Today’s video features more real online dating messages. Watch it here and maybe lose a little bit of hope for humanity, then share with a friend. #withcaptions as always.


I got some more crafty progress in the works. I should’ve done more today, but I took time out to read. Sometimes you just need to procrastinate with self care. I’ll be back at it soon.


I survived the day. That is a lot for a long day after the fourth where sleep is not to be had.

Clearly it went perfectly in the past when I attempted a beauty guru tutorial, so why not try out one from Manny MUA? Watch the attempt here. #withcaptions as always and you know the drill – share, subscribe, bell, like, comment, all that jazz.