I got a ton done (editing, captioning for my video and for others, taught class, errands, etc) and started my drawing. I hesitate to call it a resolution and I can’t really come up with another word for it right now. But I am drawing a face a day in pencil as best I can for at least a month. I don’t want to commit to more than that right now because more seems like too much. I think the goal is just to improve. I am terrible and I don’t think that I by any means will become good at this but improvement would be nice.

I am posting these on my Tumblr and some on my Instagram but I thought I would put the first here. Some may eventually go on my Twitter but not until I can make them look more like the person. I dunno. I still haven’t really decided. But here is the first:

And since you can’t tell it is supposed to be markiplier. Here is what I drew it from:


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