Normally I just mention one thing but this was a good day so I am going to go more in depth.

I started by teaching PiYo to a class that I just took over (accomplishing one of my goals for 2017 – increasing to at least 2 classes a week) and it went really well. I have been taking that class for years and I was a little nervous about taking it over but everyone welcomed the change. Yay.

Then I went home and had some breakfast and tea and got to work. I finished out the 3 open orders I had and got them ready to mail out, edited and captioned next week’s video, made the thumbnail, wrote down some more video ideas to film next week, and started getting ahead on knitting. Another goal I have for this year is to get ahead on knitting and stay ahead so that I have a stock and don’t get stuck or go as insane during rush periods.

I then made the soup that is so good again. Yum. Seriously, Tumblr is amandatheg and I wrote it out if you are interested. It is even vegan, although it doesn’t have to be.

Then the mail man came a second time and there was a mystery package. Turns out it was a gift from my friend for xmas. I sent her cookies and she responded with this cutting board:

Needless to say, I LOVE it!

Then I even got to go to bed early. House is still a mess but I don’t care.

Because I have so many goals for this year, self promo time:

  • My etsy where you can get knit and crochet items
  • My YouTube channel where I make videos every Tuesday. I mainly vlog and make drunk crafting videos but do other things too. Every video is captioned by me in English prior to going live. You should check it out and if you like it, you should subscribe and share 🙂
  • My Instagram if you like pictures
  • My Twitter if you like words in short bursts
  • My Tumblr for random posts including the recipe
  • My Snapchat if you like disappearing pictures is amandatheg

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