Ok I might have a problem with ordering stuff online. I made another order of LuLaRoe clothes but in my defense, the leggings had ballet flats on them and for those that don’t know the brand, so few are made that you might never see them again and they are my unicorn (term to refer to a print that you are searching everywhere for and must have). Then I had to get a matching shirt which was also a rule in that sale and got me a discount. Then when I am there, might as well get some solid leggings cause I wanted red ones and a really cute skirt. I also love the vanity sizing. Ok now I will stop for a bit cause in a little over a week I have gotten a free pair of leggings, 3 other pairs (ballet flats, pumpkin pies, solid red), 3 shirts (Cards colored baseball tee, shirt to match each of the printed leggings), a dress, and a pencil skirt. Now I have to chill. Exp since I realized I have 2 Amazon orders on the way and a pair of shoes that say ‘have a great fucking day’ on the back. I might need another job. Really what is a 5th at this point anyway?


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