So 2 really awesome things happened. If I have to rank, then the one with my niece is the best (I am a crazy aunt after all). My sister in law posted that at breakfast, my 3.5 year old niece stated that she loves me, her other aunt, her grandparents, and certain animals. You know, certain ones, not all. I love that kid.

In other news, my selfie in a “Have a Great Fucking Day” shirt (Philip DeFranco merch) appeared on his Philip DeFranco Show on 8/9! And for a not so insignificant amount of time. As the whole screen. And then as a top left corner with the other merch shown. Me. My pic. From Twitter. I was subtitling the video when I saw it, finished subtitling, then took a screen shot, then freaked out. It is me!


Good thing I look good in that pic.


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