And another month ends. I got my last of 31 videos up and published and the month completed on time. I am proud of myself for that. And then I promptly started looking ahead, made a massive to do list for this weekend, obtained some craft materials from a friend, made plans for both Saturday night and Sunday lunch, and decided to work on something epic. I really don’t know if I can do it or not so I am going to be very vague at this point but if it is done, expect me to be massively promoting that.

Shameless self promotion (this is still hard for me but has become a lot easier after doing this daily for a month):

  • YouTube channel
  • Etsy
  • Twitter – @amandatheg
    • hashtags if you want to send suggestions:
      • dares – #daretheg
      • yoga poses – #yogatheg
      • questions – #qandatheg
  • Instagram – amandatheg
  • Dysh – amandatheg
  • snapchat – amandatheg

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