This day kind of got away from me. I went to go to class and my instructor had to leave so she asked me to teach instead. I mean, I could use the cash, and I like teaching, and I do work as a sub at the gym, so it wasn’t a big deal for me to step in. I just wasn’t expecting to do that. And then I had to do some repairs at the studio, which I was thankfully paid to do this time. The owner had mentioned getting me help but it turns out that no one was there to help me and there were some lovely issues that I fixed in addition to what I was supposed to while I was there and it ended up taking 3 hours.

I am doing some sewing work for a friend and she asked me to come over and look at the pillows I will be recovering and I had to post the video still so she let me use her internet. Then we went to get some errands done but her dinner plans ended up being an hour earlier than she thought and we were both starving so we went to the new ramen place which was amazing. They were super fast and really good. I hadn’t eaten all day so my view may have been a little tainted. Then she drops me off at my car to go to her dinner and I edited a video and all of the sudden it was pretty much time to sleep.

Yesterday’s video is doing really well. I am so excited. Today’s video might get me some hate, but I am ready. I reviewed Tyler Oakley’s Binge. So check it out, like, comment, share, subscribe, watch the ads, all that. It is #withcaptions written by myself to make sure they are accurate as always. You know by now. Also, tweet me using the previously mentioned hashtags. I will be making those videos soon.


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