I had a good PiYo class. It wasn’t easy, this round is really hard, but we got through it. I keep getting new people and I am afraid that I am going to scare them off with this round. It is difficult but the majority of my class are regulars and I give options to take it easier but I have to teach to the majority. It makes me feel bad. But everyone stayed and tried and I am really proud of them for that.

COMPLETELY UNRELATED SIDE NOTE – I am really starting to focus on this youtube thing (I will still keep this blog going) but I would love to have suggestions. I don’t want to do the crafting every week for a lot of reasons (I want my channel to feature that as well as the calling you out on your bullshit series and vlogs, crafting can get expensive, and the editing can be quite daunting as crafts take a while) and I have some crafty ideas but I need some others for the vlogs or just in general. So if you check out my channel and have ideas of things you would like to see me do or talk about, please leave them as comments there or here. And if you like the videos, please hit the thumbs up and subscribe and share if you want, but please share as a link and don’t embed them.


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