I got my second subscriber and first comment on YouTube. I know the person who commented and one of the subscribers but it just makes me so excited. I also got a private message from someone giving me constructive criticism about the sound (I know it isn’t great, I am working with out of date equipment and I am much more skilled in video remastering and not audio remastering so there is an echo) but he also said that he really enjoys the content and watches every week! I am excited that I can bring laughter to people. I just want to have a community and produce something that makes people laugh or smile, even at my expense. I hope this takes off, I really do. I don’t need to be huge or anything, but it would be nice to be able to devote more time to this and the only way I could do that is to make it into a job.

I also ordered stuff for my PiYo glow night that I am super excited about and even with ground shipping, they will arrive overnight! That is so fast! Once I see the quality, and if that measures up, I will be promoting them because overnight for paying for standard shipping is just nuts.

This is really difficult for me to do because I don’t like promoting myself. I always feel bad. But here are all the links to the most recent video and my YouTube channel. Please watch, like, comment, subscribe, share if you are so inclined. I have on my list of things I wish to accomplish this year (not a resolution, see this post on my other blog about resolutions) getting a new camera and I will be addressing the sound and image quality. I post every Tuesday 🙂


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