Despite being sick, I was able to get more than half of my to do list for the day done and that involved learning a new PiYo round and taking a test class for a new PILOXING instructor for the studio to audition her. I did have to get all of it done for real, but I will just deal with it. Maybe today I can finish my open orders since they all need to be mailed by NYE. I might just not sleep tonight.

I might work too much, yet I keep adding more to my plate.

I hope this YouTube thing takes off, maybe that will help me cut back on some of the other things I do or incorporate them together or at least have a small cushion if my main job does end up replacing me with a computer.

I hope I am not annoying people by posting links to the videos. I am going to embed the most recent one below. It is me opening my Christmas gifts to myself (100% safe for work, minus the whole wasting time on the internet thing). Please watch, like, comment, and subscribe and all of that if you are interested. I will try to focus on other things on this blog. I will probably post links on Tuesdays when I post the video but if that is annoying, please let me know in the comments and I will stop doing that and those of you who want to see the videos can subscribe on YouTube to make sure to see them.


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