This was a bad day. I don’t want to get into it.

At least it ended with my fantasy draft. I wasn’t stuck with the last pick this time and I got to pick 3rd out of 14 teams. I made some really good decisions and I ended up being slated to win with an A+ rating. I will have some issues in week 11 and I didn’t get backups for every position but I think overall it will be pretty awesome.

It saddens me that some people are playing and clearly don’t get the point. The only other female in the league is not doing anything for stereotypes as she drafted a kicker in the 3rd round and picked some really random who the heck is that players. She didn’t really get anyone that good and was making deals over the chat with her boyfriend to switch with him. Although he clearly didn’t get the point of a draft either choosing a defensive team in the 3rd round and 3 kickers. His only backups are QB, DEF, K, and D. That is not where you get the points.

After the poor showing last year, I am excited to actually be able to do something this year. However; it kinda diminishes the bragging rights when you are going against a team with 3 kickers…


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