There was a sale on scrapbooking supplies. Clearly I stocked up a little, I had to. I didn’t take a picture but it is safe to say that I am set for a while on stickers and paper. Now I just need to get a bigger storage box for all of it since it is now in a box, stacked on top of the box, and filling two bags (not all from one trip, just all combined, I am nuts but not that nuts). I am ready for this next niece and to start the scrapbook for her and the one of the two together. I just keep adding and adding and adding to the one for my first niece. Makes me really thankful for extender rods.

My plan is to keep the one for my first niece, one for my second, and one for the two together. Any future nieces or nephews will get their own and then be added to the combined one. Also, my uncle told me that he found more pictures for the one of my dad and I should be getting those “soon.” So I made sure to get stickers for that and I still have the pad of paper for that one that I was working off of. Maybe I should stop back and get another pack of paper for the combined scrapbook that way each book has its own. Or I could just not be crazy and go with my original plan of mixing and matching from all three pads I currently have.

Yes I am a crazy aunt and yes I do enjoy crafts. I have given up on my guest closet being a closet for use, it is full of craft supplies which barely fit. Someday when I redo the attic, all the supplies will go into built in storage up there and that will be a crafty room / whole bunch of other stuff and then my guest closet will actually be for guest use.


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