It was certainly a roller coaster day. I taught my 4th PiYo class this week. I am so sore and so tired and I really didn’t feel like doing it but everyone stayed and suffered through even though it was a different lesson than we are doing in that class (I am just sticking with the one I am teaching in my class, I didn’t have time to write new notes and go through it for one subbed class). It will all be fine. No one left and I like subbing that class because I normally take it and people are nice. Some of the regulars were on vacation but I get thanked at the end and it makes me feel better. Always thank your fitness instructors, we get beat up in more ways than one.

I also created a new blog. I know that I have been occasionally posting things here that don’t quite fit my model and I have been restraining myself from doing that more. So if you want to read things that were previously listed as asides here, head over to my new blog and read my random ramblings.


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