I finally got my test results back from the doctor. Personally, I think it is a load of rubbish. I have no idea how I could possibly be low in vitamin D after the amount of time I have been spending in the garden. Also, this doesn’t explain my symptoms that have been present for over a year since it has never been low on any other blood test. Same with the very mild can’t really even call it that anemia and just slightly below normal B12. But lets please jump to supplements, the answer to everything, pop some pills. Clearly that is why I have been having consistent issues for this long. Brand new teeny tiny lowering in three areas that weren’t there in any of my previous blood work (all taken after I started having symptoms). But I can go ahead and book another appointment.

Maybe I would if I didn’t have a high deductible plan that only covers one annual physical and NOTHING else. But my work screwed me over and I can’t afford to pay $400+ to sit and talk, even to this doctor who I really liked. I was hoping for more out of her, I really was.

So I guess I will try her suggested diet changes (forget the supplements, I can do this the natural way) for her suggested 3 week period and see if anything changes at all. But she really didn’t pay as much attention as I thought and is considering my issues as workout fatigue. Which is completely incorrect. Then when it doesn’t work, I will go back to what I have been doing and wait another year to see a doctor.

We really need to fix healthcare in this country.


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