My PiYo class went really well. The Insanity instructor took class with me and she had a good time. Everyone was really nice and thanked me and I didn’t hear any of the grumbling this is too hard for me I am not coming back that I have heard in the past. So I hope that is a good sign. And we are on class pass starting next week so hopefully that lends to more people coming. I had 6 this week and 6 are already signed up for next Wednesday. I really want this to take off.

I am thinking about going to Summit 2015 and possibly getting certified in Cize. I don’t know how crazy that makes me. It would be one heck of a day – getting up way early, driving there, getting certified and potentially meeting Shaun T, then driving back – and then going to work the next day. I don’t know if I can find a place that would hire me for Cize and if that is financially responsible to be paying for two different workouts when I currently have only one class a week and am still paying for the gym. I really have to get this audition scheduled so I can get on the sub list. And then there is the whole being really busy thing but I guess I could add in a few hours of Cize teaching a week, after I finish my backyard redo.


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