I got another 20 bags of dirt. When I went to pick them up, Home Depot had an MMA fighter help me bring them to my car and load them and gave me a bottle of water and some candy. It was like they are saying “we know you are going to be busy, don’t dehydrate and here is some sugar.” Bonus – I told the MMA fighter that I teach PiYo and he said that workout is too hard for him! I told my PiYo class this and I think it made them feel better. There were only 3 and one flat out said she probably won’t be back because it is too hard but she did assure me that it wasn’t me and I was great, just that the workout was too much. She said she felt like she got a good workout in and will be really sore once she can feel her muscles again and that it was better than her lack of coordination for Zumba. I am hoping she tries again and I can keep people from one class to the next besides just Rachel. 3 signed up for next week already, Rachel is still the only carry over. At least it is enough to keep going.


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