I was thinking about waiting for pick your own vegetables at the local farms and what I would do with the veggies and then I realized, I have a yard. It is all mine. I can grow them myself. So I started the long project that will most likely last all summer long of removing everything from my back yard. Currently the yard is over 50% mint and the rest is mainly weeds and wild grass. I decided the best course of action is to just remove everything and plant as I go. I somehow thought this would be a weekend project but I will be lucky to have this done by the end of the summer.

I have now decided to plant while removing. The plan is to have the herb and vegetable garden areas cleared by next weekend and then plant those.

After that, I will move on to the area where I am going to store my tools / build my shed. Then I will do the rest of the large yard in pieces, possibly planting grass as I go. I will then plant the flowers and bushes I want in the back. Hopefully there will be time this summer as well to plant in the front yard. The grass there isn’t the greatest but it isn’t so bad that I have to completely start over. I should be ok just mowing it frequently.

I will be sharing pictures as I progress.


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