My PiYo Gangster sweater finally arrived in the mail. This was a total impulse buy but I couldn’t resist. It was expensive but it is so soft and warm and adorable. It is off shoulder so it looks a little odd with anything other than a sleeveless or spaghetti strapped top underneath but I think I can make it work. I wore it to the gym and some of the regulars in class were oohing and aahing about it. I am still wearing it now and will be bringing it with me on vacation. I am a sucker for a sweatshirt or hoodie since I am always cold and my office is freezing.

I also led the power section in class. My instructor gave me no real notice and made me like she made me lead full body fusion and flow last Saturday. She hasn’t picked on Megan to lead sections yet (she was certified when I was) but I think I am probably closer to leading a class. It went ok. I think I should have cued more and maybe done a preview. No one was paying attention at first. I think the small sessions I have been doing at home went better. Oh well. We were only slightly off. And I could potentially blame the room since the heat was on for some reason and it was like working out in a sauna.


2 thoughts on “4/2/15

  1. where did you order your Piyo Gangster sweatshirt? I a certified instructor and would love to have one, but cannot find where to order one online.


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