My sister in law got the package I sent her so I can post pictures of that now. It all came intact which I was a little worried about. She was happy to get it and loved all the stuff which is what I was going for. I just wanted to do something for her while she is carrying my next niece or nephew.

I asked my brother what she would want and he said nothing (I find that odd for a pregnant woman) so I asked her favorite color (pink) and went with a take on the box of sunshine. I started by getting a bunch of pink items, avoiding anything scented as she is currently sensitive to smell.


Not pictured are the pink things I used to wrap (patterned masking tape, ribbon, and tissue paper).

Then I started putting things together.


I made cupcakes out of the three pairs of socks.


I decided to add some ribbon to the cupcakes. They didn’t fit in cupcake holders because they are a little too big (the socks are knee high) which was the original plan. But I think they turned out cute anyway. SIL loves socks.

Then I mixed the stuff for the mug cake mix and put it in a carafe which I decorated with the masking tape.


In the background you can see the water bottle filled with the m+m’s which are in a plastic bag just in case.

I couldn’t find a pink card that didn’t have glitter on it (SIL hates glitter) so I used one I had in my stationary and wrote in pink writing and decorated the envelope with that masking tape. Here is the finished box:


I think it is cute. And it served its purpose of brightening my SIL’s day.


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