I got to stop by my soon to be house with my real estate agent and her son (who helped us unscrew burnt out light bulbs that we couldn’t reach, we lifted him up like a cheerleader). Most of the things on the inspection report are easy fixes so I will be tending to that. She is going to check with their handyman to see if he can do a few for me and how much he would charge and also give me price quotes to run gas lines to the stove and fireplace for the future. I will probably have him do some of it if it isn’t too expensive and will just do the rest myself. It would be easier to move in with some of it done. Especially the shower. The shower head doesn’t really work and is a hand held thing attached to the general spout. The suction is broken so it doesn’t stay on the wall. If the handyman doesn’t do it, I will fix it myself. I just have to drill a hole through the tile and run some pipe and attach the new head. There may be some before and after pictures of the house coming in the future.


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