I had both work holiday parties and survived them. I didn’t win anything again this year.

I did manage to get all of my Christmas cards done, all shopping completed, all wrapping done, and all cookies made. I accidentally made 800 cookies this year so I will be giving away quite a few. Even after getting them together for my brother and best friend (each got a large tin full), I can just barely close my freezer. Now to get cookie boxes and deliver to people in town. I might have to increase the list of who is getting cookies.

I have also finished the craft fair season. I was able to get a spot next to a friend for this event which made it go a little faster. It was slow and I didn’t sell anywhere near as much as I thought I would but at least I sold something. And I did come out of the season in the black, even after buying a table and all the display stuff. I have a lot of stock left over. So next year I shouldn’t have to put out as much money in the beginning or make as much product, just small things and any new patterns. I still need to go through and update my etsy with all of the new patterns I made this year. I am up to date on all of those orders. Also, another friend stopped by and helped me pack up and bring the stuff to my car which really helped.

The ceilings in my apartment are going to start being demolished today so I am hoping that it doesn’t destroy any of my things and they clean up after themselves. My landlord is supposed to be there during that time so hopefully he steps up for the first time ever and controls a situation. I have all of my etsy orders to be mailed with me as well as all my Christmas cards and gifts to mail out so none of those will be affected. My landlord said I didn’t have to move anything but I did move some things. He seems to think that I can live there in the apartment the entire time. I don’t know how. I also don’t quite know how I will get to my dog in the back room today depending on which ceiling they start with. I am just glad it is finally getting fixed and I managed to get all of the cookies done before they started or I wouldn’t be able to make them this year.

Cookies I made:

  • chocolate chip truffles (holiday shaped sprinkles on top)
  • peppermint patties (white chocolate snowflakes on top)
  • chocolate chip cookies
  • cream cheese cookies (dipped partially in chocolate)
  • ginger cookies
  • peanut butter cookies with a mini peanut butter cup on top
  • lemon rolled out cookies (decorated with red and green icing and white balls, they turned out really cute)

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