I started using a white noise app to help me fall asleep (and go back to sleep after the dog wakes me up to pee) and it actually helped. I was a little skeptical but I like the variety of noises and I’ll take anything to help. Joy of being an insomniac.


Another Monday. I made it through despite having a major lack of sleep. One of these days I will actually be rested. Maybe I need to have a weekend that is an actual weekend…

This week COBS returns with more online dating messages. #withcaptions as always. Don’t forget to subscribe, next week is going to be epic. Also share the video with a friend if you liked it and leave me a comment while you are there.


Editing – done. I’m really happy with what I have done and I am SO NERVOUS to post it. This is for the big project. It will be out August 22nd. So go ahead and subscribe now and beat the rush. Be one of the first to see it and then share. I am so pumped. Also videos come out every Tuesday so there is a ton to see now and so much more coming.


I had one of those really productive days that doesn’t feel like one. It seems like there is always more to do. But I got the following done:

  • taught class
  • walked to and from the gym
  • emptied dishwasher
  • made breakfast
  • finished the shooting for this big project
  • mowed the front and back yard
  • weeded all gardens
  • cut back several plants and trees
  • went to Ikea and managed to get a chair home despite not being able to close the trunk (that was fun…)
  • brought everything inside by myself
  • went to get an iced chai latte because I earned it
  • started editing the big project and got a good deal done

It looks like more than it feels like.


I finally got around to returning my needs to be returned pile (with much anxiety). Unfortunately I waited too long and despite tags, they didn’t take over half of it back. Then the policy is to only give store credit, even with gift receipts. I couldn’t handle shopping after that ordeal.