Another day closer to the weekend. I find myself always looking forward to weekends where I can do what I am passionate about and not feel worn down. Maybe someday I can feel this way all the time. (this and this are part of that feeling)


I tried to be together and I did manage to get all the groceries for this week’s dinner (took 3 stores, who thought mirin would be so hard to find???) and cook dinner too. I kinda forgot to run the dishwasher during the day but it did force me to wash the dishes from dinner as it was cooking so I feel a bit ahead of the game there.

I love challenge videos that are actually challenges. I took on the baking without a recipe (or measuring or utensils) challenge and you just have to watch to see how that went. Ever puncture an egg yolk with your fingers? I have… #withcaptions as always. Don’t forget that sharing is caring and spread the love of this video 🙂


I got some editing done and some planning for the next week’s menu. After how good the recipes were last week, I am doing something I have never done and committing to another week all from the same cookbook. I have some leftovers still but not enough for more than a lunch or two. I also have another 3 cauliflower heads ripening in the next week. I hope the recipes are as good as the first three. And I might repeat one since cauliflower and it was good, easy, and healthy.