I am still on vacation! Knocking things off that to do list left and right.

After the release of new chips designed for women (less mess, less crunch, smaller package for purses…), I had to release this video of other very useful, very needed, products made just for women. This is one you are gonna want to share around, trust me. Don’t forget to subscribe while you are there. #withcaptions as always.



I got my internet set up. It wasn’t a great experience but it works and my wifi now has a dorky name (because it is me) and I feel better. I also got in my hour run early. They came at around 9 to set it up so I got up at normal time to hit the gym, take a shower, and create access to the plugs prior to them coming.

COBS returns today with more online dating BS but this one is special – all profiles. Watch the video and subscribe while you are there. Share with a friend (or stranger or enemy, your call). #withcaptions as always.


I got my scrapbooking done. It has been a while and the stuff had been sitting on my dining room table for weeks. But it is finally all done. Something like 38 pages worth in a day, along with editing and some errands. Go me.


I had an idea to make my duvet easier to put in the cover and less likely to slip – snaps in each corner of the duvet and the cover. Mountains on the duvet on the top edge, on the cover on the bottom edge. I’m sure I’m not the first to get this idea but I’m still proud I came up with it. Oh and it works so far. Easily ID top and bottom out of the dryer (first full day of my staycation involved 6 loads of laundry including my pillows, sheets, and duvet), easier to spread out, and stuck in place for at least one sleep. $2 game changer in under 5 minutes.


I started my staycation. I had a half day at work so it is kinda the start. I plan to get a ton done and I was able to start checking off things on the massive to do list. It is amazing how much piles up when you work 4 jobs. I will be taking off the desk job for a week (still doing the others). I think I can get most of this done, some of which depending on the weather cause I am not doing any yard work in the snow or rain.


I managed to learn and roll out the new round. I am always proud of myself for managing to do that in a short amount of time, but particularly now when I am still a bit sick.

This game crushed my very soul. Watch the video here. Getting Over It is not for the faint of heart. Don’t forget to subscribe while you are there and share 🙂 #withcaptions as always.

This is most likely my last monetized video until I hit the minimum requirements that changed. I’d love to get there, but I am realistic. If you would like to support me another way, consider downloading the browser Brave. It runs ad free and you can use crypto currency to pay creators (you decide who gets what, either even split across what you consume or specific to the creator). Try it out here. I am verified on there as Amanda The G (only my youtube currently).