I had a super productive day – taught class, took turbo, got myself flowers, edited two videos, filmed two videos, etc. It wasn’t everything that I had planned but it was a really good effort and there is always Sunday for the rest of it. Plus it gave me time to sit on my couch and watch a gaming live stream while talking with a friend for a few hours, aka self care.



Finally Friday. Short weeks always feel like long weeks. But I did get a bunch of knitting done after work and managed to finally lift again after the Tough Mudder. I am still sore, but it is good to be slowly getting back into it.


It is really odd for me still to not be teaching on Thursdays, but I am liking the implications to my social life.

Today’s video is the first part of the Navigator, a cute puzzle game that is incidentally free on Steam. Watch the video here. Don’t forget to like and subscribe while you are there, sharing is caring, all that jazz. #withcaptions


Ok, I missed writing yesterday. I was out with friends and time got away from me. Which is also incidentally the best part of the day, going out to dinner and watching live music with friends. Leaving my house. Look at me being all social and shit.


I had the day off of work which was 100% needed. I was able to get my videos edited for the week and have a super fast turn around, which isn’t my preference, but oh well. I also got a chance to stretch a bit and get a few things done around the house. Back to the grind.

Come get ready with me for my Tough Mudder! Video here. Don’t forget to subscribe, video on the experience will be coming next week. And share the video while you are there. #withcaptions as always.


I’ll get further into the stories in vlogs (so check those out on my channel) in the future, but faith in humanity was restored during the Tough Mudder. Every obstacle that required more than one person or assistance had people there to help and to cheer. People that were running. People that stayed back and stayed for a while to use themselves to assist others. Every single person helped at least one other person in some way. It wasn’t about time. It wasn’t about one person finishing. It was about everyone out there finishing.

Also I had enough energy after to have a friend come over and watch Coco and very generously give me some massages to assist my poor, poor muscles.


I prepped as best I could for the Tough Mudder – took it kinda easy during class, didn’t stay after to workout, relaxed on the couch, packed everything / set everything out, and ate as much pasta as I could handle.