I didn’t set an alarm and I still woke up before 8. That gave me some time to get things done and I finally found time to take out the trash and recycling. Now if I could only find time for laundry…



I got both videos edited for next week, a bunch of knitting and crocheting done, and filmed another video. I still have a ton to do and probably should have stayed up later getting it done but at least things are coming off the to do list.


I took some time to not get things done and painted my nails. I know what I should be doing but I also need to do this since I want to grow my nails out and it had been a while and darn it, I just wanted to. Sometimes you just need to take time for you, even when you aren’t sleeping due to workload. Self care is a must!

Have an upcoming ugly holiday sweater party or contest? Make this headband. I had better win with this. Caution, glitter. Share the video with friends (or strangers, just don’t eat their candy). And don’t forget to like and subscribe while you are there. #withcaptions as always


Ok I am going to try to make this daily again. No promises with this season but I will try.

I had jury duty which isn’t over but I managed to find some people to talk to and eat with during breaks. This is such a long process and it doesn’t allow me to work on any of my 4 jobs.

I have no idea what this new prequel to the Lord of the Rings will include but maybe it will give proof to flat Earthers that the Earth is a sphere? Watch my rant on this new series here. Sharing is caring. Also don’t forget to like and subscribe while you are there. #withcaptions as always.